The University of Pittsburgh offers a P-card as a convenient supplemental purchase method for certain types of low-value, low-risk or emergency purchases. A P-card is an institutional purchasing VISA credit card administered through PNC Bank.

The PRISM P-card application provides you with the ability to review and redistribute P-card charges. P-card are VISA credit cards that can be used for some low-dollar, low-risk purchases. All P-card purchases, by default, are charged to one department account number. On a monthly basis, departments use the P-card Redistribution application to review P-card charges, and when necessary, move charges to the appropriate account. The application is also used to certify that P-card charges are legitimate business expenses.

Determine Access

Apply for access if you will be responsible for any of the following:

  • Monitoring and redistributing charges on your own, or another department member’s P-card
  • Conducting a monthly review of P-card charges to certify that they are legitimate University business expenses

Apply for a P-Card

To apply for a P-card, please complete the P-card Application Form

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Apply for Access to Redistribute & Review P-card Transactions

Complete pages 1 & 4 of the PRISM Department User Access Form. Print the form, and the instructions. Normally this form is completed with the assistance of a department business administrator.

P-card Responsibilities

Pages 6-7 of the form instructions provide detailed descriptions of the P-card Redistribution Responsibilities, and to what entities the Responsibilities will grant you access. Also check whether you will need Redistribution & Review, or Pre-Transaction Log only.

The following will help you select the appropriate User Type:

  • Cardholder Only – You will only review/redistribute charges on your own card
  • Cardholder/Account Redistributor – You will review/redistribute charges on your own card, and other department cards.
  • Account Redistributor/Reviewer Only – You do not have a card, but will be responsible for reviewing/redistributing charges on department P-cards.
  • For Redistributors/Reviewers, list the names of the cardholders for whom you will be responsible. The form will not be processed without an Authorized RC signature. Check with your department business administrator to determine your authorized RC administrator. You will be sent an email from Heather Lego, FIS-Business Solutions, when your access has been activated.

P-card Training