User Access Forms

Please fill out the appropriate form(s) to set up a new PRISM user, make changes to or delete a current user’s account. All completed and signed forms are to be sent or faxed for processing to:

FIS Customer Assessment
3200 Cathedral of Learning

FAX: 412-688-6064


Please reviewing the Training section to schedule or review any training required for the requested access.  Access requests will be processed in an average of 5 business days.

PRISM Department User Access

This form defines the profile for an individual’s access within a PRISM department or division. This form is completed when a department or division is requesting access for an individual to a specific PRISM department or division, or requesting a change to an individual’s existing access.

PRISM Departmental Security Rules

This form declares all University department numbers associated within a PRISM department or division name, regardless of entity or application module. This form must be completed at a department’s initial set up or when University department numbers are to be added to or deleted from a PRISM department or division’s security rule.

PRISM Central User Access

This form is completed when a department or division is requesting access for an individual to a specific PRISM department/division or requesting a change to an individual’s existing access. This form need only be completed by the following departments: Financial Information Administration, Budget and Financial Reporting, General Accounting, Research and Cost Accounting, Payment Processing, Purchasing Services, Financial Records Services, Payroll, Internal Audit, Office of Finance, Student Accounting and Billing, Student Payment Center, University Collections and Office of Research.

PRISM Printing

Customers with active PRISM access can print directly from PRISM using a dedicated print queue. Please follow the instructions below to complete this process. Customers printing to local or personal printers will need the Remote Print Manager (RPM) software installed on their machine. Please consult with your Technical Department before installing or requesting a Print Queue.

System Requirements

The PRISM System desktop requirements are provided according to the certifications by Oracle Corporation for the University's current version of Oracle E-Business Suite (12.1.3). Please use the listed buttons for information on java setup and desktop/browser configurations.

As of July 28, 2018, PRISM has been configured to use Java Web Start to reduce the java dependencies in multiple browsers. Click here for information on Java Web Start.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that you forget your PRISM password, please contact the Technology Help Desk or call 412-624-HELP.

Fill out the online PRISM Location Update Request Form to add a room number or building name to PRISM.

To change the room and building associated with your name, submit an Employee Record (E/R) with the new location to Payroll in Craig Hall. They will update the address in the PRISM system. If you receive the updated E/R and notice that the change is not appearing in the PRISM system, please contact the Technology Help Desk or call 412-624-HELP.

If an employee transfers to another department or terminates his or her employment with the University altogether, please complete the following to avoid future problems:

Send notification to FIS Customer Assessment immediately. Please specify the employee's name. Customer Assessment must be notified in order for the department to maintain access to the purchase orders and/or requisitions initiated by the transferring or terminating individual.

Notification can be sent to FIS Customer Assessment via campus mail (1917 CL) or by submitting a request through the Technology Help Desk or call 412-624-HELP.

Contact Us

If you are a Pitt Employee, you would automatically be granted Concur access when your HR Employee record is complete. If you are a currently enrolled Student, student records are loaded once a week to Concur. If you do not have access, a required default may be missing in your record. Please submit a PantherExpress Help Ticket.

If you are not a Pitt Employee but need access to Concur to manage travel and expenses, please complete pages 1 and 5 of the PRISM Department User Form.