The following demonstrations have been created to provide instruction on the basic process of timecard entry and approval. View any or all of the demos that apply to you; each demo is only several minutes in length.

Travel & Expense Management

Various training video options are maintained on the PantherExpress Travel & Expense Management website including:

  • Concur Training Webinars run approximately 25-45 minutes and cover the following topics: getting started, expenses, and approver training.
  • Quick Start Videos run approximately 2-4 minutes and cover immediate questions on the following topics: designating a delegate, working as a delegate, expensing using per diem, expensing group business meals, setting up groups for business meals, expensing lodging, and expensing personal car mileage.
  • Anthony Travel Demos run approximately 6-14 minutes and provide walkthrough guidance on the following topics: overview, profile setup, and booking.

View Travel & Expense Training Videos


Performance Management